The abstracts of the 79 SPR reports completed by KTC researches for 2000-2005 were compiled. Seven projects were selected for value review to demonstrate the various types of benefits that accrue from SPR project research. This review compared objectives with results and described the nature of the benefits (some quantifiable). All of the projects were analyzed to determine: 1) the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (and FHWA) goals supported and 2) the types of benefits that would reasonably be expected to accrue from implemented results of the research. Most of the 79 projects; results address both improving the performance of the Cabinet and the sustainability (reduction of a variety of intrinsic and extrinsic costs) of the transportation system. The precise value of the research results of the 79 projects is difficult to ascertain. However, the review provides reasonable evidence that substantial value has accrued and will continue to grow as the results continue to be implemented. A definition of applied research along with a discussion of who does transportation research and the challenge of implementation are provided.

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