Cracking in reinforced concrete decks is inevitable. It leads to the corrosion and eventual deterioration of the deck system. The use of non-corrosive reinforcement is one alternative to steel in reinforced concrete construction. This report deals with the field evaluation and performance of a concrete bridge deck reinforced with carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) bars. The bridge is identified as the Elkin Station Road Bridge on route CR1210 over the Two Mile Creek in Clark County, KY. The CFRP bars were placed in the top and bottom mats of the bridge deck in both the transverse and longitudinal directions. The results of the laboratory tensile tests of the CFRP bars used in the deck are presented in this report. The bridge was opened to traffic in May 2002. Monitoring of crack formation and location, and maximum crack width and length in the deck initiated in June 2002and continued until September 2005. The cracks in the deck were not measurable since the maximum observed crack width was less than the smallest unit (1/100 inch) on the crack comparator. This indicates that the cracks are well below the maximum allowed crack width of 0.013 inch per AASHTO Standard Specification for exterior exposure.

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