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Lucy Ellen Edens (LL.B., 1925)

Lucy Ellen Edens was born on October 4, 1898 to Cortez and Virginia (Doherty) Edens in Burksville, Kentucky.

Edens first worked as a teacher after her parents discouraged her from pursuing legal education. After she found that she still desired a legal career, Edens attended the University of Kentucky College of Law. She received her LL.B. in 1925 and was admitted to the Kentucky bar shortly before her graduation.

Edens later moved to Chicago and worked as a title and trust attorney. In 1950, Edens moved to Ocala, Florida where she established an inn. Edens did not practice law in Florida; however, she was active in local organizations and particularly enjoyed volunteering with children.

Edens died in 1983 and is buried in Burkesville.

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