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Chloe Gifford (LL.B., 1923) (sometimes erroneously reported as 1924)

Chloe Gifford was born in Mt. Olivet, Kentucky on May 21, 1900 to John and Lida (Sledd) Gifford.

Gifford received her LL.B. from the University of Kentucky College of Law in 1923. She later received an undergraduate (1924) and master's degree (1944) in education at UK. Gifford taught at Sayre School (later becoming Dean of Women) for twelve years before returning to UK to work in the department of University Extension where she became Director of Community Services.

Gifford was active in both political causes and women's clubs. In 1939, she became the president of the Women's Club of Central Kentucky. She was also, at times, president of the Kentucky Welfare Association and the Kentucky Division of the AAUW.

Gifford died on June 2, 1980--two years after being named to the University of Kentucky Hall of Distinguished Alumni. She is buried in Lexington Cemetery.

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