Hickerson, Broadus Edward


Broadus Edward Hickerson, LL.B.

Springfield, Kentucky

Football ’15-’16; Track ’15-’16; Captain ‘16

Hick hails from Hickville. A finer fellow I never knew. He’s got them durn city chaps beat a mile. Got hitched up before he went to that city schule. Yep, doin’ purty good, too; saw him play in a football game one time, blamedest thing I ever seen; giddap hoss!

-The Kentuckian, 1922

Broadus Edward Hickerson (May 3, 1895 - January 6, 1964) was born in Washington County, Kentucky to Raphael Hickerson and Sarah Elizabeth Adams. He worked as a school teacher in Washington County before attending the University of Kentucky. Hickerson continued to teach and coach athletics in high schools throughout Kentucky. He later worked to the Internal Revenue Service. Hickerson served as a senator in the Kentucky General Assembly between 1958-1964 as the senator for the 14th District. He married Tressa Elizabeth Stanfield.