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Edward Alexander Puryear, LL.B.

Paducah, Kentucky

Henry Clay; Paducah Club; Kentucky Law Journal, Editor-in-Chief.

Ed should have been in the University in Ye Olden Days, for he truly is made out of the right sort of stuff; that kind of pep was plentiful then and the boys made history. Nevertheless, he has been a live member in student activities and was a member of that party of four who sacrificed themselves to uphold the honor of the Senior Court.

-The Kentuckian, 1920

Edward Alexander Puryear (June 27, 1896 - March 15, 1961) was born in Paducah, Kentucky to Edward Henley Puryear and Lena Finch. His father served as Paducah city judge and as McCracken County Attorney. Puryear briefly practiced law with fellow class of 1920 alum, Holland Gaines Bryan. In 1922, Puryear became law partners with his father. Puryear and Puryear practiced together for seven years. Puryear also worked as legal counsel for an insurance company and a railroad.