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Neil* Grace Sullivan, LL.B.

Elkton, Kentucky

Henry Clay; Glee Club; President, 'IS; University Quartet.

"Sully" must have had a canary bird for a play toy when he was a kid, for he has somehow acquired an ambition to sing. His rich, melodious voice flowing from the "attic" of White Hall has caused many a feminine heart to thrill with rapture, while her escort longed to heave a brick. Neal has a campusful of friends and adds more to his list every time he sings.

-The Kentuckian, 1920

Neil Grace Sullivan (January 31, 1897 - August 28, 1962) was born in Kirkmansville, Kentucky to William Thomas Sullivan and Carrie Emily Grace. He practiced law in Lexington for over 40 years after graduation. Sullivan was an accomplished vocalist who performed with choirs, orchestras, and other musical acts in Lexington. He married Blanche Ann Sturgel in 1934.

*Mr. Sullivan's first name is also spelled 'Neal' on many records. This record uses the spelling on his gravestone.