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James Preston Cherry, LL.B.

Morgantown, Kentucky

Delta Chi; Lamed Pe; Strollers' Cast, "Father and Boys" (2), "Lion and Mouse" (3), Secretary and Treasurer (3), Advertising Manager (4); Henry Clay Law Society; Union Literary Society; Y.M.C.A.; Democratic Club.

Preston was born in Morgantown, but that was not his fault; neither was he connected with the famous "cherry tree." Nevertheless, he has many good qualities that more than make up for these seeming deficiencies. He is an actor in a class all by himself. Then he is no slouch in making good conversation with the ladies. A good fellow through and through, and when it comes to friends he has more than the law should allow.

-The Kentuckian, 1920

James Preston Cherry (February 14, 1896 - January 11, 1961) was born in Morgantown, Kentucky to Elijah Allen Cherry and Laura Mae Phelps. Cherry practiced law in Bowling Green after graduating. He also served as an attorney for Caldwell and Company. Cherry owned and operated a large farm in Butler County.