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Hubert McGuire Blakey, LL.B.

Beattyville, KY

Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Henry Clay Law Society, '19, '20; Union Literary Society, '19, Masonic Club, '19, '20; Basketball Team, '20.

"Mac" made a huge mistake in his young life when he entered "Centre." But that was not for long. He is now in the safekeeping of Judge Lafferty. He is a basketball tosser of no little ability, and can chew the blackest and meanest tobacco of any male student in the university. He will be missed by his host of friends after he leaves us in June.

-The Kentuckian, 1920

Hubert McGuire Blakey (March 22, 1893 - November 13, 1944) was born in Beattyville, Kentucky to Theodore Becker Blakey and Lula Beatty. His father was also an attorney. Blakey joined his father's practice in Beattyville after graduation. He moved to Bradenton, Florida in 1925 and began practicing there. Blakey served as Bradenton city attorney for six years. He also served as an attorney for the Manatee County School Board and for a local bank. Blakey married Eva Hieronymus in 1923.