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Clyde Russell Barker, A.B. '16, LL.B. '18

Brooksville, KY

Class Poet, 1st Leut., Band, Union

"Judge" is a sobriquet bestowed upon him because of his name, even before he essayed to make himself a Keeper of the King's Conscience. He is a diligent student and hard worker, "possesses opinions and a will," and is not reticent in expressing them, although he is noted for his lack of loquacity. "Judge" is a musician and poet, his latest Broadway hit being "Till the Kaiser and His Gang Are No More." Before becoming a disciple of Blackstone he was a follower of Pestalozzi. His ambition is to corner the collegiate degrees, and then be a high-salaried professor of law.

-The Kentuckian, 1918

Clyde Russell Barker (April 27, 1890 - February 2, 1953) was born in Bracken County, Kentucky to John P. Barker and Katherine Abbott. Barker practiced law in Bracken County after graduation. He served as Bracken County judge between 1926 and 1934. Barker married Nellie B. Galloway.