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Jesse Forrest Gregory, LL.B.

Owensboro, Kentucky

Henry Clay Society; Attorney-General (3); Treasurer (4); Democratic Club; Attorney-General (3); President (4); Union Society Critic (4).

A judge of the Supreme Court has written: "A lawyer must possess the power of clear, logical thinking, with the intellectual grasp to take in many sides of a situation readily; a keen sense of justice and broad common sense to know what is right and what is wrong." The judge must have had Gregory in mind when he wrote this.

-The Kentuckian, 1917

Jesse Forrest Gregory, Sr. (August 23, 1891 - August 27, 1973) was born in Daviess County, Kentucky to Jesse Evans Gregory and Sarah Forrest Carlin. Gregory practiced law in Owensboro for three years. He then had a long career with the United States government in Washington, D.C.. He began working as a claim examiner for the Bureau of War Risk Insurance in 1920. He also worked as an attorney for the Treasury and a division head at the Internal Revenue Service. Gregory married Martha Townsend in 1921.