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Frederick Louis Arthur Eichelberger*, LL.B.

Frederick Louis Arthur Eichelberger (July 29, 1891 - May 21, 1949) was born in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania to Emil Eichelberger and Katharine Margaret Rauh. In 1914, Eichelberger graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a Bachelor's of Science in Education. He then received his LL.B. from the University of Kentucky in 1916. Eichelberger practiced law in Irvine, Kentucky after graduation. He moved his practice to Covington before 1920. Eichelberger eventually moved his practice to Louisville, Kentucky. Eichelberger married Lucille Marie Campbell in 1917.

Eichelberger was the primary author and organizer of the book Military History of Kentucky, a project of the Federal Writers Project of the Works Progress Administration.

*Mr. Eichelberger is not listed in the 1916 edition of The Kentuckian.