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Dee Louis McNeill, LL.B.

Hickman, Kentucky

Tau Kappa Alpha;; Law Debating Team 4; President Henry Clay Law Society 4; President Democratic Club 4; Vice-President Prohibition Club 3; Treasurer Patterson Literary Society 3; First Alternate Varsity Debate with Vanderbilt 3; Attorney-General Henry Clay Law Society 2.

Mac, the noisy chap from Hickman, makes himself known and felt wherever he goes. The above record shows him to be no idler.

-The Kentuckian, 1916

Dee Louis McNeill (April 10, 1891 - February 4, 1980) was born in Hickman, Kentucky to Thomas Henry McNeill and Mary Creed. McNeill practiced law in Hickman for over 50 years. He served terms as Fulton County judge, Fulton County attorney, Hickman city judge, and Hickman city attorney. McNeill married Helen Rice.