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Thomas Hart Robinson, LL.B.

Winchester, Kentucky


"I'm free, male, white, and twenty-one." Robinson is a member of the Benedicts in the University, but with it all he is an all 'round good fellow, paradoxical as it may seem. He has a Bachelor's degree from our ancient rival, Central University, and if they are all like him over there, they are not such a bad lot after all. Taking him all in all, we will be disappointed if we do not have an opportunity to vote for him for State Senator.

-The Kentuckian, 1915

Thomas Hart Robinson (November 11, 1882 - April 18, 1940) was born in Clark County, Kentucky to Thomas C. Robinson and Lizzie Land Sutherland. In 1901, Robinson graduated from Central University in Richmond, Kentucky. Robinson returned to Clark County and began farming. Robinson continued to be a farmer after receiving his LL.B. in 1915 and never practiced law. In addition to working his farm, Robinson was a published poet and dealt with real estate. Robinson was married twice--his wives were Katherine Clay Cox (m. 1908, d.1913) and Kitty Frances Applegate (m.1915-1940).