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James McGinnis Nieding, LL.B.

Vermillion, Ohio

Mystic Circle; Champion Checkers (4).

"Words are better understood If spoken but in kindness." Whether in a stirring speech or a game of checkers, Jimmy moves men. Talk about your nifty blue eyes the girls simply adore his (this is the only lie in the book). Jimmy is a confirmed bachelor and a Yankee, but he just insists on being dignified. As a student, he's on the job and has graced the law college by his refreshing stay.

-The Kentuckian, 1915

James McGinnis Nieding (June 26, 1891 - December 11, 1983) was born in Vermillion, Ohio to Henry A. Nieding and Martha Caroline Bourne. Nieding relocated to Cleveland, Ohio after graduating from the University of Kentucky. He worked as a clerk and teller in various Cleveland banks until his retirement in 1956. Nieding then moved to Clearwater, Florida. He married Rebecca K. Horsman in 1931.