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Marion Robert McCaulley, LL.B.

Lake City, Iowa

ΔΧ; ΑΔΣ; Patterson Literary Society; Henry Clay Law Society; Republican Club.

"Speech is silver, silence is golden." "Mac" comes from Iowa, but two years here have made a "State" man of him anyway. Despite a few misconceptions of the law already intrenched in his mind, "Mac" is an athlete; to see him dash through tackle, you might not believe that he ever ploughed corn back in Iowa. He is one of the best old scouts in the world.

-The Kentuckian, 1915

Marion Robert McCaulley (June 4, 1892 - July 21, 1946) was born in Lake City, Iowa to Francis Marion McCaulley and Margaret Barr. McCaulley practiced law in Lake City in partnership with John W. Jacobs--he served two terms as the county attorney, and was the city attorney for several years. McCaulley was elected to the Iowa state legislature in 1924 as a representative for Calhoun County. McCaulley married Blanche Hinton in 1915.