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Frank Hereford Tomkies, B.S. '12, LL.B. '14

Lexington, Kentucky

Henry Clay Law Society; Patterson Literary Society; Horace Mann Society.

"In the course of human vicissitudes there are naturally many changes." When Tomkies graduated in 1912 his soul was burning with pedagogic curiosity, but the mum and hum of youthful interrogatives together with paper wads, erasers, books, etc., etc., which were often hurled at his back, was too much for the good nature of the youthful pedagogue, hence he soon found that to instruct was not his calling. He therefore forsook the teaching of children, fled from their prattling pranks and silvery peals of laughter, and decided to wrangle and jangle with the endless tongues of lawyers.

-The Kentuckian, 1914

Frank Hereford Tomkies (November 24, 1887 - May 24, 1968) was born in Hinton, West Virginia to Morgan Douglas Tomkies and Clara Frances Jordan. After receiving his degrees from the University of Kentucky, Tomkies returned to Hinton and worked as a high school principal. Tomkies later moved to Huntington and practiced law. Tomkies served in both World Wars. He married Clara Clyde in 1926.