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Edgar Hart Dunn, LL. B.

Murray, Ky.

Pres. Henry Clay Law Society.

'' Measure your mind by the shadow it casts.'' Some years ago, the said Edgar Hart Dunn, whose native heath is Murray, in the state of Kentucky, shook the rural dust from off his feet, boarded a grasshopper train and one jump landed in Valparaiso University. After a year of search for knowledge in that already famous school, he left for Oklahoma, the beautiful and there pursued the illusive goddess of knowledge and wisdom for two years, in her State Univ. Tiring of pioneering, and the old longing for his first love swelling in his heart, he came back to the Blue Grass to receive his degree and hear '' well done thy loyal slave, enter thou in the realm of peace, where plenty is long-delayed and starvation is ever near."

-The Kentuckian, 1913

Edgar Hart Dunn (November 15, 1887 - October 29, 1952) was born in Calloway County, Kentucky to James C. Dunn and Dolly Ellen Hart. Dunn attended Valparaiso University and Oklahoma State College before attending the University of Kentucky. After receiving his LL.B. in 1913, Dunn moved to Hazard and Hyden, Kentucky where he represented several coal companies and other corporations. Dunn moved to St. Petersburg, Florida in 1919. In 1923, he established the law firm of Dunn, Agee and Byron. Dunn became a judge in the St. Petersburg Municipal Court that same year. Dunn began practicing independently in 1927. He served as City Judge between 1931-1933. Dunn married Mary Ferne Rollins in 1912.