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James Harcourt Nutter*, LL.B.

James Harcourt Nutter, Sr. (December 25, 1890 - June 15, 1971) was born in Oldham County, Kentucky to Robert L. Nutter and Eliza Lydia Powell. After attending the University of Kentucky College of Law, Nutter moved to Louisville, Kentucky where he worked as a manager for the Stewart Dry Goods Company. Nutter served during World War I and returned to Louisville. He worked as a sales manager for several industries including stocks and bonds sales, car sales, and a department store. Nutter married Adele Garvey. Their son, James Harcourt Nutter, Jr., was commissioner of the Kentucky Department of Commerce in the early 1960s.

*Mr. Nutter is not listed in the 1913 edition of The Kentuckian.