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Howard D. McElroy

San Marcos, Texas

LL.B.; Henry Clay Law Society; D. D. L.; Class Football Team; Theta Nu Epsilon.

"No man's sentiments perfectly agree with mine own." Why do the ladies call me a handsome fellow? Just look at my likeness for the answer; but the whole answer is not here. My "FORM" constitutes much of my attractiveness. My work in K. S. U. merits the degrees of LL. B. and B. F. T., the latter meaning Bachelor of Feminine Tranquility. I majored in the subject of "Every day is Ladies' day for me." With the sheepskin in my possession I shall return to my birth place and native State, Texas, there to expound the immortal truths of Blackstone.

-The Kentuckian, 1912

Howard D.* McElroy (February 10, 1891 - November 5, 1955) was born in Buda, Texas to Thomas Ephraim McElroy and Ada Ellison. McElroy returned to Texas after graduating from the College of Law in 1912. He entered solo practice with a focus on real estate and bankruptcy. McElroy married Ruby Lee Dyess--the couple had four children prior to their divorce. McElroy's second son, Benjamin Thomas McElroy, was a noted legal educator and trial lawyer.

*Middle name may be either Denny or Denton.