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James Garfield Pfanstiel

Morning View, Ky.

LL.B.; Alpha Epsilon, Henry Clay Law Society.

"And finds with keen discriminating sight, Blacks not so black, nor white so very white." Gaze upon the likeness of my countenance portrayed above. You view here a clear thinker, a gentleman and a scholar. Being a native of Kentucky 1 am naturally inclined toward oratory and love of the beautiful. My handsome face has caused many a heart in feminine breast to leap with admiration. Only the needs of the hour move me to relinquish my indulgence in the aesthetic and delve in the law of Corporations. My vocation is law, my avocation "heart juggling." With me LL. B. means "Long Live Blackstone!"

-The Kentuckian, 1912

James Garfield Pfanstiel (July 29, 1881 - January 9, 1943) was the son of Frederick Pfanstiel and Angeline Smith. Pfanstiel moved to San Diego, California after receiving his LL.B. from the University of Kentucky. He practiced law in the firm of Fox and Pfanstiel. Pfanstiel married Marie Edgar Cunningham.