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This report contains core descriptions, lithologic logs, and analyses of coal from 21 stratigraphic test holes drilled in 1982 in the Daniel Boone National Forest, including the Redbird Purchase Unit, in eastern Kentucky.

The test holes ranged in depth from 85 to 1,988 feet and averaged about 700 feet. A total of 89 coal samples were analyzed. Results of analyses (on the as-received basis) showed the following ranges: ash, 2.37 to 28.8 percent; sulfur, 0.3 to 8.4 percent; and Btu, 9,017 to 14,550 per pound.

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Series XI

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Information Circular 12

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This project was performed under two joint-funding agreements between the Kentucky Geological Survey and the U.S. Geological Survey. William Markewich was the project coordinator for the 1981-82 agreement (Control Number 1-6130-0074), and Raymond R. Bergeron was the project officer for the 1982-82 agreement (Control Number 2-6130-0037).

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