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It is the hope of the authors that all of the various publications and maps of the Kentucky Geological Survey are included in this bibliography. It is our intent to revise, supplement, and update the publication lists in "Geological Research in Kentucky" by Willard Rouse Jillson (1923).

During its history the Kentucky Geological Survey has suffered losses from two disastrous fires, one at Frankfort in 1929, and a second at Lexington in 1948. Many maps and some of the reports were reprinted after 1948 in Series VIII, but so many of the earlier publications were lost that they are now almost unknown; complete collections of these publications are not to be found in any library. In some cases the title or author of a map or written article could not be found, and only the number or approximate date are indicated. Also, some of the apparent errors in the bibliography are copied without correction from the original publications.

In Series II many of the volumes were printed in sections under separate titles and never combined into a single bound book. Occasionally, individual sections of these volumes were lost or omitted, and no record remains as to their identity. Several volumes contain reprints of earlier papers, and these have not been checked for any revision that may have been made. In Series II the immigration reports are listed separately by number rather than chronologically. Many of the pamphlets of Series VI are actually reprints, and the original publication is not listed. For Series VI through X the bulletins, pamphlets, circulars, reports, etc. are listed together in numerical order rather than chronologically.

Maps are listed in chronological order, as nearly as possible. The list was derived from "Geological Research in Kentucky" by W. R. Jillson (1923); "Geological Research in Kentucky--Addenda" by E. G. Sulzer (1932) published in the Kentucky State Historical Society Register; old Kentucky Geological Survey publications lists; and the University of Kentucky Geology Library map collections.

The generous assistance given by colleagues of the University of Kentucky and the Kentucky Geological Survey is hereby acknowledged with many thanks.

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