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Groundwater samples collected from a livestock well in southwestern Henderson County, Ky., contained nitrate-N concentrations greater than 20 mg/L, two times the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s maximum contaminant level. The well is located in an abandoned cattle and hog feedlot. The feedlot is located in an upland bedrock setting with Pleistocene loess overlying Pennsylvanian bedrock. One hundred twenty-one soil cores were collected to better define the areal extent of organic-rich soil believed to be the source of the elevated nitrate-N in the groundwater. Cores were collected on 25-ft centers to a depth of 4 ft below the land surface. Soil samples were analyzed for pH, bioavailable phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc, organic matter, total nitrogen, and inorganic nitrogen (nitrate-N). Groundwater samples were analyzed for pH, specific conductance, temperature, oxidation-reduction potential, nitrate-N, chloride, herbicides, and nitrogen and oxygen isotopes. The resulting soil- and groundwater-quality data are presented in this report.

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Series XII

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Information Circular 20

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IC20_12_Appendix_A.xls (94 kB)
Chemical data for soil cores collected from the Dixon farm abandoned feedlot

IC20_12_Appendix_B.xls (33 kB)
Coordinate and elevation data for soil cores collected from the Dixon farm abandoned feedlot

IC20_12_Appendix_C.xls (25 kB)
Groundwater-quality data for the Dixon farm livestock well (LW1)