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Over the last 20 years, researchers at the University of Kentucky have collected seismic-reflection and refraction data to characterize seismic velocity models of the soil-sediment overburden throughout the central United States. The data are in different forms, such as published reports, theses, and journal articles, and in digital form. In order to construct a unified database for easier management, access, and use, Microsoft Access was used to design the data structure and field properties. The database consists of four tables with unified field names, data type, and units. An ArcGIS geodatabase with the same data structure as the Access database was then created for visualization and querying capability. The compiled seismic velocity data used the same data types and units, and were stored in both databases. The databases are flexible, so that new data and data types can be added and joined with existing databases at the Kentucky Geological Survey.

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Series XII

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Information Circular 27

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