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I have dealt with hundreds of incidents of karst-related geohazards; some have caused major damage to buildings and infrastructure. Although cases are largely limited to the ground surface being made unusable, a significant number of structures are damaged by karst flooding or cover collapse each year, which is devastating to families who have lost their homes. Most of these events should never have happened, because the karst hazard could have been avoided by selecting a better building site or designing the building to withstand the damage from the hazard. Furthermore, most of the planning authorities I have had experience with seem uninformed about the potential consequences of construction on these areas. They need to know what to do to avoid karst geohazards and mitigate damage. As a result, this model ordinance has been prepared for use by local government bodies to provide them with a template of how to minimize damage from karst geohazards.

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Series XII

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Information Circular 25

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