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The Pennsylvanian fluvial deltaic Breathitt Group is exposed along U.S. 25E near Flat Lick, Ky. This exposure is ideal for field trips because of the quality of the exposure, its accessibility, the range of facies present, and its potential for demonstrating principles of outcrop-based sequence-stratigraphic interpretation. Eight facies are present and represent deposition in fluvial, delta-plain, and delta-front environments. Several facies contain an abundance of trace fossils, and a wide range of sedimentary structures are also present. Flooding surfaces are well developed in the delta front and delta plain and are characterized by abrupt contacts with distal, deeper-water deltaic environments overlying proximal, shallower-water deltaic environments. Major flooding surfaces display evidence of condensation, including firmgrounds and enrichment of authigenic minerals such as siderite. At this exposure, most parasequence sets display progradational stacking and are interpreted as highstand systems tracts. Two sequence boundaries are present that may represent two different scales of sequences. The upper sequence boundary is more obvious and is characterized by a prominent erosional surface and is overlain by multistory fluvial channels. The lower and more subtle sequence boundary is interpreted as an interfluve surface marked by a bleached paleosol.

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Series XII

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Information Circular 24

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