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Thirty-one analytes were measured in fish tissue taken from largemouth bass, catfish, and bluegill harvested from lakes and ponds in reclaimed and unreclaimed coal-mine spoil of Pennsylvanian age. The spoil area is approximately 7,756 acres created primarily from surface mining, and has been used in increasing intensity since 1969 as a training site by the Kentucky Army National Guard. Four fish were harvested for analysis from the area of unreclaimed spoil that resulted from mining prior to 1977, and 15 fish were harvested for analysis from the part of the training facility that was reclaimed by 1985. Twenty-six analytes had values above the method reporting limit, and only one sample, L15-8A, had a mercury concentration of 1.22 mg/kg. This concentration is slightly above the federal Food and Drug Administration action concentration level of 1 mg/kg.

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Series XII

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Information Circular 12

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