In this study, multiple surveys were designed and administered to program participants in the Central Kentucky chapter of the YMCA Black Achievers Program. The purpose of this project was to collect data on the academic success of these students for comparison to that of students in their geographic area who did not take part in the program. The full project also collected data on individuals’ responses regarding program effectiveness, level of satisfaction, etc., to help the administrators of the BAP continue to update and improve the program to better meet participants’ needs. This research summary focuses only on the quantitative analysis in academic achievement. When compared to academic statistics for Fayette county schools, the respondents in our study were found to have superior performance to their peers. Students who took part in the BAP showed higher levels of academic success than non-BAP African American students in ACT scores and Advanced Placement enrollment. Overall, the Black Achievers Program was found to be a success in academic measures, and also in its overall focus on keeping young African Americans on the path to success in their careers.

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