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Interior Personas


With this body of work, I attempted to truly get inside the human persona. People tend to wear a mask that they feel best represents what they think everyone wants them to be. They tend to hide or brush away important aspects of their personality in fear of persecution or rejection from others. I started with myself, looking inside to reconsider my own beliefs and how I portray myself to society. The combination of that photographic self-discovery and written journal entries came together in a series of self portraits that I felt were a true representation of who I really was at that point of my life. I then moved on to other people, mostly my peers, trying to get a similar result using their own ideas as a model for my work. I did this using straight or traditional photography sometimes in combination with digital techniques to meld the information together into a cohesive image. One main aspect that I tried to incorporate was the use of text in my work. I incorporated journal entries, my own personal reaction to the images, and ideas gathered from interviews with my subjects into the images to create a complete idea.