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An electrode catheter is provided having a predetermined flexibility throughout the entire length or at least at the contact portion, such as the electrode region, to allow for the molding of the contact portion such that it conforms to the shape of the heart at a preselected desired target area, such as the isthmus between the inlet of inferior vena cava and posterior tricuspid annulus. The catheter also includes a guiding sheath that is preferably semirigid and may be pre-shaped with at least one bend or angulation to assist in molding to ensure that the electrode region overlies the desired target treatment area. A remotely controlled anchoring device is provided at the distal end of the catheter for anchoring it in position to facilitate the molding operation and placement over the target treatment area. A method of cardiac ablation using the catheter of the present invention is also disclosed.


University of Kentucky Research Foundation, Lexington, KY (US)

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