Gastric cancer is a disease that develops from the lining of the stomach, whereas Parkinson's disease is a long-term degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that mainly affects the motor system. Although these two diseases seem to be distinct from each other, increasing evidence suggests that they might be linked. To explore the linkage between these two diseases, differentially expressed genes between the diseased people and their normal controls were identified using the barcode algorithm. This algorithm transforms actual gene expression values into barcode values comprised of 1's (expressed genes) and 0's (silenced genes). Once the overlapped differentially expressed genes were identified, their biological relevance was investigated. Thus, using the gene expression profiles and bioinformatics methods, we demonstrate that Parkinson's disease and gastric cancer are indeed linked. This research may serve as a pilot study, and it will stimulate more research to investigate the relationship between gastric cancer and Parkinson's disease from the perspective of gene profiles and their functions.

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This study was supported by No. JJKH20190032KJ from the Education Department of Jilin Province and No. 20200201258JC of Science and Technology Developing Plan of Jilin Province.

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Four microarray datasets were downloaded from the GEO database, the data are open and publicly available.