Track 19-1: Land Use Change and Grasslands/Rangelands Tenure

The XXI International Grassland Congress / VIII International Rangeland Congress took place in Hohhot, China from June 29 through July 5, 2008.
Proceedings edited by Organizing Committee of 2008 IGC/IRC Conference
Published by Guangdong People's Publishing House

XXI International Grassland Congress/
VIII International Rangeland Congress:
Land Use Change and Grasslands/Rangelands Tenure

Co‐Management of Rangelands to Avoid the Tragedy of the Commons: Experiences from Highland Asia

Zhaoli Yan, International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development, Nepal
Camille Richard
Ann Waters‐Bayer, ETC EcoCulture, The Netherlands

Taming a 'Wicked' Policy Problem: A Policy Overview of Property Rights and Governance of Africa's Rangelands

Esther Mwangi, Harvard University

Sustainable Pasture Production on Reclaimed Coal Mine Soils

Wayne F. Truter, University of Pretoria, South Africa
N. F. G. Rethman, University of Pretoria, South Africa
R. A. Kruger, Richonne Consulting, South Africa
K. A. Reynolds, Eskom CR & D, South Africa
P. C. de Jager, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Integrating the Intensive and Extensive Rangeland Management Systems: The Ideal Choice for the Marsabit Pastoralists, Kenya

Abdillahi A. Aboud, Egerton University, Kenya
Isako Tura, Egerton University, Kenya
Mark Mutinda, Egerton University, Kenya
Edward Lentoror, Ministry of Livestock & Fisheries Development, Kenya
Layne Coppock, Utah State University

Common Property over Time: Access to and Distribution of Resources among Pastoralists in Central Tibet (1884‐2004)

Kenneth Bauer, University of Oxford, UK

Vegetation Management System for the Conversion of Degenerated Grasslands to Alfalfa Pastures in Inner Mongolia, China

Min Ao, Kyoto University, Japan
M. Ito, MicroForest Research Ltd., Japan
K. Ito, MicroForest Research Ltd., Japan
J. F. Yun, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University, China

Improving the Economic and Environmental Performance of a New Zealand Hill Country Pastoral Catchment

Michael B. Dodd, AgResearch, New Zealand
M. E. Wedderburn, AgResearch, New Zealand
T. G. Parminter, AgResearch, New Zealand
B. S. Thorrold, Dexcel, New Zealand
J. M. Quinn, National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research, New Zealand

Kyrgyz Republic Reforms in Management of Pasture Resources

Abdumalik Egemberdiev, Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Processing Industry, Kyrgyz Republic
Renee Giovarelli, International Partners in Development

Land Ownership as a Key Problem of Range Management in Iran

A. A. Mehrabi, University of Tehran, Iran

Land Use/Cover Change in Steppe Zone of Russia

Elena V. Milanova, Moscow State University, Russia

Rangeland Use Changing Effect on Soil Infiltration in Northeastern of Iran

Hamid Mostafalou, Mazandaran University, Iran
Mohammadreza Tatian, Islamic Azad University, Iran
Reza Tamartash, University of Sari, Iran
Hamid Jalilvand, University of Sari, Iran
Safar Gholi Khajeh, University of Tehran, Iran

Development of a Grassland Property Rights System Must Confront the Fragile Ecosystem

Kanglong Luo, Jihou University, China
AlaTanBaoLiGe, Inner Mongolia University, China

Effect of Using Cultivated Forages on Herder's Income in Three Types Grassland Ecological Zones

Limin Hua, Gansu Agricultural University, China
Lian Yang, Gansu Agricultural University, China
David Michalk, Department of Primary Industries, Australia
Jianping Wu, Gansu Agricultural University, China

A Shift in Natural Resources Management Paradigm: From Resources Sufficiency to Functional Integrity?

Bernard Hubert, INRA, France

Implementation of Mongolia's 2002 Land Law: Implications for Herders and Rangelands

Maria E. Fernandez‐Gimenez, Colorado State University
Batbuyan Batjav, Mongolian Institute of Geography, Mongolia

Analysis of Infiltration and Surface Runoff in River Njoro Watershed Using a Rainfall Simulator

M. O. Okelo, Egerton University, Kenya
J. O. Onyando, Egerton University, Kenya
W. A. Shivoga, Egerton University, Kenya
C. M. Gichaba, Egerton University, Kenya
S. N. Miller, University of Wyoming

Cultivation in China Grassland: Angel or Devil?

L. Yang, Inner Mongolia University, China
X Y. Hou, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China

Whether or Not to Continue the Communal Land Practices? — the Comparative Case Studies of Two Tibetan Villages in the Qinghai‐Tibet Plateau

Yongping Yang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Yao Fu, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

The Use of Sustainable Agronomic Practices and Grazing to Manage Organic Olive Orchards in Western Australia

C. Faiello, Curtin University of Technology, Australia
Andrea Pardini, University of Florence‐Piazzale Cascine, Italy
L. Litjens

The Decline of Transhumance in the West and the Implications for Private Grazing Lands: California Case Studies

Lynn Huntsinger, University of California, Berkeley
Larry C. Forero, University of California, Davis
Adriana Sulak, University of California, Berkeley