Lewis Honors College Capstone Collection

Year of Publication



Arts and Sciences



Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

First Capstone/Thesis Advisor

Dr. John P. Selegue


Photochemical therapy (PCT) is a relatively new treatment for cancer. PCT, unlike photodynamic therapy (PDT), does not require oxygen though it may be one of the mechanisms that the photosensitizer uses to destroy cancerous cells. Ruthenium complexes have recently entered clinical trials for the treatment of cancer. TLD1433, a ruthenium coordination complex, has entered phase II clinical trials for the treatment of non-muscular invasive bladder cancer. In this compound, the ligands are coordinated via nitrogen bonds, but in this paper, carbon-coordinated complexes are explored. Coordination of N-heterocyclic carbene (NHC) ligands to ruthenium is suspected to provide a different type of coordination complex in PCT. Tripodal and pyridazine NHC ligands were synthesized in this paper, with the tripodal ligand being more successfully produced.