Lewis Honors College Capstone Collection

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Agriculture, Food and Environment


Family Studies

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B.S. in Family Studies & Psychology

First Capstone/Thesis Advisor

Diana Haleman


A literature review was conducted to determine what age children are most vulnerable to the impact of parental divorce on their romantic relationships in adulthood. Fourteen articles were included in this review. Results of the review showed different outcomes based on stage of life. Parental divorce in infancy, early childhood, late childhood, and adolescence resulted in the most negative long-term effects on the children’s intimate relationships later in life. Children in middle childhood and young adulthood at the time of their parents’ marital dissolution appeared to be most resilient to its impact on their romantic relationships in adulthood. Literature on this association is still very limited. This review can be used as a starting point for future research.


Adrian Weldon won the University of Kentucky Libraries Dean's Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Scholarship in 2017 with this research.