Year of Publication



Arts and Sciences


Animal Science

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Eric Vanzant


The presence of fake service animals in public spaces is increasing every day. These mislabeled dogs are posing a great danger to working service dogs and the rights of the handlers that utilize them. In order to reduce the number of fake service dogs in public and ensure equal accessibility to service dog users, a service dog registration should be implemented across the United States. Requiring a public access test to be conducted before a dog can be registered would ensure that any dog working in public has reached the standard of behavior required to be a service dog. This would reduce any abuses of the system, reduce potential health risks for service animals in public, and would provide businesses with a way to verify the legitimacy of the working dogs entering their establishments. All of this would work to prevent pets and ESAs from entering places they do not belong which would in turn protect working service dogs and their handlers.