Year of Publication



Agriculture, Food and Environment


Community and Leadership Development

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Nicole Breazeale


The presented document sought to analyze the ongoing issue of inclusive policy-making in the context of group work at institutions of higher education, while providing tailored advice for students in a particular field of study on how to behave inclusively. The researcher composed an extensive literature review to answer the first query, addressing the questions of: how to define inclusivity; how to form inclusive groups; and how to maintain inclusivity in classrooms. After this step, the researcher then took undertook efforts to craft a memo advising future students in CLD 490, a senior-level course for Community and Leadership Development students, on how to succeed and champion inclusivity in CLD 490. The final results of this work supported the notion that inclusive group formation is largely dependent on the early structure and tone established by the instructor. It was clear that when instructors proactively focused on including students from different backgrounds and creating safeguards for their unique needs that group work became substantially more inclusive. Further, it was apparent that instructors need to be the one establishing the groups, instead of allowing students to form groups themselves. Another point of interest was the need for a clear exit policy, as students in difficult circumstances often struggle to come forward for help unless means of support are established prior to the onset of conflict. On net, these results paint a favorable picture for a realistic track forward. The work will be helpful for instructors who are approaching this issue completely fresh, but once the heavy lifting is complete the end results would be net beneficial. For those who already have take efforts to be more inclusive, these findings show how to further their current success while also providing a reasonable challenge to review their efforts.