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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

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Electrical Engineering

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Dr. Jimmie J. Cathey


People in modern industrialized societies live a blessed life relative to those who do not when it comes to some modern conveniences. While many think nothing of flipping on a light switch or running electric appliances, there are people in third world countries could not imagine such things. As service projects are being undertaken to bring such conveniences to those less fortunate, there often is the harsh reality of a strict budget. An item that commands a large portion of said budget is often the diesel generator used to provide the facility with electricity. Generators serving motor loads are typically oversized due to a large kVA starting requirement. This paper addresses an approach to this problem by temporarily restricting the generator fuel supply by pulling back the rack of the mechanical governor reducing the frequency and voltage output as a motor load is switched onto the system. By reducing the voltage and frequency output of the generator, the motor is switched on at a time when its typically poor power factor and resulting kVA requirement is mitigated by the lower voltage and frequency allowing for a smaller generator to be used.