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Master of Science (MS)

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Kinesiology and Health Promotion

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Dr. David R. Mullineaux


This study examined the effects of training with real-time auditory feedback in precision shooting. Top-level shooters (N=9) were randomly assigned to the feedback or nonfeedback group. Each group performed a pre-test, a 4-week training intervention and a post-test. The feedback group was provided with augmented real-time auditory feedback based on postural and rifle barrel stability during training sessions. Increases in performance were measured through changes in postural stability, rifle barrel stability, shot outcome and shot group diameter. Real-time auditory feedback did not increase postural or rifle barrel stability in the feedback group. No meaningful differences were found related to shot outcome or shot group diameter in air rifle testing. The feedback group was able to reduce shot group diameter during smallbore testing. In summary, the augmented real-time auditory feedback did not improve postural or rifle barrel stability. Future research should focus on examining the effects of auditory feedback on smallbore performance.

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Biomechanics Commons