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Master of Science (MS)

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Arts and Sciences



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Dr. Michael A. Andrykowski


Benign breast biopsy (BBB) can be a stressful experience for many women. Few studies have examined the specific aspects of the BBB more and less distressing. However, no research studies have examined demographic and clinical variables as they relate to distress associated with specific aspects of the BBB or the informational interests of women following a BBB. This study evaluated the magnitude of distress associated with each aspect of the BBB (additional mammography, waiting for the results of the mammography, being informed of needing a biopsy, etc.) as well as the clinical (family history of BC in first degree relative, history of BBB, and type of biopsy) and demographic (age and education) variables as correlates of distress associated with each aspect of a BBB. Additionally, we examined health information interests in women following a BBB and the manner in which women preferred to have this health information communicated.

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Psychology Commons