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Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (MSEE)

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Electrical Engineering

First Advisor

Dr. Laurence G. Hassebrook


Structured light pattern projection techniques are well known methods of accurately capturing 3-Dimensional information of the target surface. Traditional structured light methods require several different patterns to recover the depth, without ambiguity or albedo sensitivity, and are corrupted by object movement during the projection/capture process. This thesis work presents and discusses a color multiplexed structured light technique for recovering object shape from a single image thus being insensitive to object motion.

This method uses single pattern whose RGB channels are each encoded with a unique subpattern. The pattern is projected on to the target and the reflected image is captured using high resolution color digital camera. The image is then separated into individual color channels and analyzed for 3-D depth reconstruction through use of phase decoding and unwrapping algorithms thereby establishing the viability of the color multiplexed single pattern technique. Compared to traditional methods (like PMP, Laser Scan etc) only one image/one-shot measurement is required to obtain the 3-D depth information of the object, requires less expensive hardware and normalizes albedo sensitivity and surface color reflectance variations. A cosine manifold and a flat surface are measured with sufficient accuracy demonstrating the feasibility of a real-time system.