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Master of Science (MS)

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Career, Technology and Leadership Edu.

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Dr. Tracy Kitchel


Content knowledge preparation for teachers is a crucial component of the modal curriculum model for education. The purpose of this study was to determine if the amount and quality of coursework preparation of pre-service University of Kentucky agriculture teachers influences their content knowledge as defined by the Praxis II agriculture exam scores. This study concluded that there was variability in coursework preparation of pre-service agriculture teachers at the University of Kentucky. Praxis II exam scores of pre-service teachers indicated that most students are meeting an adequate content knowledge level based on the exam material. It can also be concluded that the relationship between the Praxis II agriculture exam and agricultural content preparation was moderate at best. Based on the conclusions, it is recommended that changes be considered to either the agricultural education curriculum at the University of Kentucky or the Praxis II agriculture exam so that they are a reflection of each other. It is also recommended that the profession examine other variables in play that lead to proper preparation and re-evaluate students’ base knowledge upon entering college.