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Master of Science (MS)

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Plant and Soil Science

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Dr. A.D. Karathanasis


Phosphorus (P), a necessary plant and animal nutrient, can also lead to eutrophication of fresh waters when in excess. Appropriate P management is necessary to prevent fresh water pollution. Mineralogy of soil clays has been shown to affect P adsorption, desorption, and movement through soils. Specifically, hydroxy-interlayered minerals have been shown to adsorb and retain inorganic P in soil systems. This study was designed to determine the sorption and desorption characteristics of inorganic, organic, and mixed forms of P interacting with soil hydroxy-interlayered vermiculites (HIV) and smectites (HIS), and compare the findings to sorption and desorption processes of natural aluminum (Al) and Iron (Fe) hydroxide minerals. Results indicate natural Al and Fe hydroxide minerals sorbed and retained P more strongly than hydroxy-interlayered minerals in our samples and inositol hexakisphosphate was more highly sorbed and retained than inorganic P.

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Agriculture Commons