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Career, Technology and Leadership Edu.

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Tracy Kitchel


The current body of knowledge concerning Agricultural Education quality in regards to its three components is not consistent and total program quality has not been defined scientifically. The purpose of this study was to determine quality indicators for instruction, SAE, and FFA according to experts (agricultural education teacher educators, state instructional staff, and high school teachers) across the United States. The conceptual framework for this study was the three circle model consisting of the three integral, intra-curricular components of Instruction, FFA, and SAE. This national study was descriptive in nature and utilized the Delphi technique to gather responses from an expert panel and combine the responses into one useful statement (Stitt-Gohdes andamp; Crews, 2004). The initial questionnaire consisted of three open-ended questions and was developed by the researcher while subsequent questionnaires were developed from the experts responses. The expert panel agreed upon 37 quality indicators for Instruction, 19 quality indicators for FFA, and 6 quality indicators for SAE.