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Animal Science

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Melissa Newman


Four focus groups were conducted in Kentucky to evaluate differences in the participants knowledge of safe food handling practices, where they obtained their knowledge, which source(s) they trusted to provide accurate food safety messages and the effectiveness of messages from three different sources. The sources of food safety messages compared by the focus groups were the Partnership for Food Safety Educations FightBAC! material, food safety materials developed by the American Dietetic Association and funded by ConAgra Foundation and food safety materials developed by the University of Kentucky. Each focus group represented a specific population, (A) limited resource parents (Louisville); (B) married males (Lexington); (C) mothers of young children (Danville); and, (D) females of varied age with background of Cooperative Extension Service sponsored consumer education in food preparation (Lexington). Follow up interviews were conducted through a telephone survey to inquire as to whether any food safety practices had been implemented since participation in the focus groups. The results of the interview revealed that participants expressed varying familiarity with safe food handling practices, varying understanding of the food safety messages and diverse acceptance and preference for the delivery mechanisms.