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Electrical Engineering

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Laurence G. Hassebrook


Structured light is the most common 3D data acquisition technique used in the industry. Traditional Structured light methods are used to obtain the 3D information of an object. Multiple patterns such as Phase measuring profilometry, gray code patterns and binary patterns are used for reliable reconstruction. These multiple patterns achieve non-ambiguous depth and are insensitive to ambient light. However their application is limited to motion much slower than their projection time. These multiple patterns can be combined into a single composite pattern based on the modulation and demodulation techniques and used for obtaining depth information. In this way, the multiple patterns are applied simultaneously and thus support rapid object motion. In this thesis we have combined multiple gray coded patterns to form a single Gray code Composite Pattern. The gray code composite pattern is projected and the deformation produced by the target object is captured by a camera. By demodulating these distorted patterns the 3D world coordinates are reconstructed.