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Manufacturing Systems Engineering

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Ryan Vallance


In recent years, the nasal route has received a great deal of attention as convenient and reliable method of systemic administration of drugs, due to its benefits of reduced pain, precise drug delivery and eliminated risk of intravenous needles. The pharmaceutical industries are facing a competitive challenge introducing novel devices for the nasal drug delivery, which is better than commercially available, unit dose and squeeze bottle sprayers. The purpose of this study is to develop such a device for the nasal drug delivery that would satisfy the needs of the patients, physicians and pharmacist. An electronically controlled multi-dose nasal drug delivery device is developed as a result of the study. The parts of the device are designed to satisfy customer needs. The developed parts are redesigned for manufacture and assembly, considering the DFMA principles. The conceptual design was tested for its functionality by developing working prototypes of using rapid prototyping techniques. Suitable materials and manufacturing processes for parts of the device are determined, and the manufacturing and assembly cost of the device is estimated to justify affordability.