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Mechanical Engineering

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H. S. Tzou


In high density magnetic hard disk drives, both fast track seeking and extremely accurate positioning of the read/write head are required. A new piezoelectric microactuator with transverse and lateral control of the head positioning system for high density hard disk drives is proposed. First, the structure of the new piezoelectric microactuator is illustrated. Design of the new microactuator is based on the axial deformation of piezoelectric elements for lateral motion and the bimorph actuation of piezoelectric elements for transverse motion. Next, a mathematical model of the microactuator system is defined. Static properties associated with the displacement of the system are evaluated and then dynamic system equations of the system are evaluated. Frequency response of the system is studied based on the dynamic system equations of the actuator system. Dynamic properties of the system with a variety of system parameters are evaluated. Finally, the controller design for the actuator is presented. Simulation results show that the new actuator achieves a maximum stroke of displacement of more than 0.2m with servo bandwidth of more than 5 kHz in the lateral direction and the flying height is decreased to less than 6 nm with resonance frequency of more than 100 kHz under the 0.5 % damping assumption. The new piezoelectric microactuator improves performance of high density hard disk drives by increasing servo bandwidth and decreasing flying height.