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Mechanical Engineering

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Johné M. Parker


The thesis presented is an effort to gather all possible information of one particular type of common paint defect the seed defect, from gray scale images of highly specular painted surface. The proposed approach in the thesis utilizes a white light source to illuminate the surface and utilizes a camera to capture its gray scale image at different diffused angles. While attempting to explain the physics of highlight formation in terms of location on the surface of a seed defect, the thesis also extends to utilize this information from gray scale images to accurately predict the parameters of seed defects including the height, size and position in real time. Since the primary highlight in a gray scale image is more defined, contrary to the past researches on diffuse angle images that use both primary / seed highlight and mirror highlight to estimate height of the seed, this thesis formulates a theory of highlight translation and estimates the height of seed based on primary / seed highlight. The other common type of surface defect - crater defect, is also addressed in the thesis.