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Mechanical Engineering

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Lyndon Scott Stephens


Self-bearing motor is a magnetic actuator with both bearing and motoring functionality. This work implements and validates a decoupled and fault tolerant control algorithm for the Lorentz self bearing motor containing open phase faults. The goal of the algorithm is to achieve a stable bearing force and motoring torque even with coil faults. This work simulates many non-real-time fault tolerant control models based on the algorithm using simulink. Test cases are designed in simulink and tested on these models to arrive at the best model that could be implemented in dspace for real-time control. The responses of these simulations are compared with the desired output. Simulations showed that the decoupled and fault tolerant control model does not have any cross coupling and was fault tolerant for many combinations of open phase faults. Simulink model was modified so that it was auto-complied into the dspace controller and dynamically linked with the hardware. A graphical user interface was provided for fault tolerant control in controldesk software and the motor was controlled in real-time. Many experiments are designed to test the fault tolerant control model. Experimental results validate fault tolerance in the motor with respect to open coil faults. The self-bearing motor was found to be more stable in decoupled and fault tolerant control than non-fault tolerant control.